Our mix and match capsule collection of bamboo fashion

About Us

Gorgeous looks and a fantastic feel with an ethical grounding

(New product ranges are coming to this web site soon)

If you really care about what you wear next to your skin, or the bath towel you wrap around yourself or the sheets you sleep between, then you will love what we have in store for you.

Our Cream & Co ranges include clothes for all the family, bed linens and bath towels and are all made from the finest quality fabrics, primarily organic cotton or bamboo. Why organic? Because they are grown and processed carefully without the use of harsh chemicals so they are long-lasting, comfortable and healthy for your skin. There are no throwaway items in our ranges, only pure luxury at affordable prices, exquisite style in clothes and soft comfort in babywear.

With the right care you will be able to cherish Cream & Co items for a lifetime. Take our European-made organic bed linen and toweling for instance. Our organic cotton linens are traditionally woven in Portugal and come in a number of designs so there is something to suit everyone's taste. Superb absorption and fabulous softness are trademarks of our Turkish-made towels, all organic, no chemicals, no dyes, no bleaches just as you would expect. British made beautiful Bamboo bed linen and bed protection are a silky smooth alternative. Our bamboo floss filled bamboo duvets are made in China with great attention to detail and provide cosy or cooling, comfort in all climates.

This same luxury, softness and style carry through to our clothing range of dresses, skirts and tops. Just one touch and you will know you have made the right choice. Try it on, look in the mirror, feel the weight and the way it falls, you will be delighted with what you see - it's flattering and stylish, feminine and elegant.

Our clothing collection for women is available in a natural palette, and in fabulous colours, dyed with non toxic dyes and has been especially designed to be free of fashion fads. Each garment is gloriously timeless, ageless and retains its original shape, so it will always look great and feel comfortable. You will want to wear pieces again and again and we know they will become cherished items in your wardrobe.

As a fashion buyer I became aware of the dreadful chemicals habitually used in the industry from the time of sowing of cotton to the moment of garment finishing. The world's incessant demand for fashion means that these practices are now widespread. They affect us all, from the farmers and their families hands-on in the fields (with the obvious health implications), to the workers in the factories and finally us - me and you - because these toxic chemicals may lurk insidiously in the clothes that we, and our children, wear day and night.

Like you, we care about the future of our world and want to play our part in making it a greener, fairer place. Every time you buy from Cream & Co, whether it's a pair of organic cotton briefs, an organic bath towel or an organic baby robe you will be supporting these ideals and that's something we can all cherish.